A San Francisco Homecoming

San Francisco!!!! We are thrilled to announce that Sam Green and the Kronos Quartet will be screening A THOUSAND THOUGHTS at the one and only Castro Theater on April 10th! (“As magical an amalgamation as anything you can imagine.” - Kenneth Turan, LA TIMES) This is part of the SF Film Festival and Pop-Up Magazine - the hometown show of the century!!!! Please get tix soon before they're gone!
March 21, 2018

“A Thousand Thoughts” at Sundance!

Absolutely thrilled about the premiere of A Thousand Thoughts the other night!! Two sold out shows, standing ovations, wow! With a film you never really know what you have until you experience it with an audiences. Profound thanks to everyone who helped make it happen: Joe Bini, Kirsten Johnson, Josh Penn, Janet Cowperthwaite, Kronos Quartet, C41 Media, Tommy Kriegsmann, Pete Sillen, Brendan Doyle, Evan Neff, Ayumi Ashley, Rich Bologna, Sierra Pettengill, Anna Hudak, Work-Order Design, Carl Williamson, Gary Hustwit, Jessica Edwards, Yoni Brook and many, many others!
Sam Green
January 26, 2018